The Prophet, the Speaker, the Coach

Rachel is an influential voice of truth, revelation, power, direction, and strategy. Under the message, she uses speaking platforms to preach, teach, train, coach, and mentor people into their kingdom assignments. What strengthens her message and separates it from others is the message delivery. God uses her dreams that serve as mini parables, her music, and other gifts, to take the message to the heart. Whether as a Mentor to female youth, a Pastor and Prophet to the nations, or an Empowerment Coach to women, Rachel has been given a message and the creative wit and wisdom to bring the message making it relative, timely, effective in its objective, and specific for the specified audience.

Rachel preaches amd speaks the message of:

  • Restoration – restoring the people of God back to who they were before life lied and said differently
  • Transformation – the transformational change to purpose; the metamorphosis of a child of God
  • Liberty – exposing to break strongholds
  • Power – manifestation follows behind the message

Rachel’s specialty centers around how spiritual and natural gifts walk you into purpose. She teaches, coaches, and conducts workshops on the following topics:

  • No Gift Left Behind: Your Pathway into Purpose & the Walk to Purpose
  • Inside the Model of Impact: The Real Look into the Cost of Purpose