Providing the Heavenly Sound of Worship That Ignites an Intensified Encounter with the Spirit of God for an Atmosphere of Miracles, Breakthrough, Healing, & Deliverance

Rachel is the music artist, the songwriter, and the music supervisor for theatre, productions, tv and film. She is changing the sound of gospel across the globe with authenticity, purity, and power. While on one side she is called to be a new fresh worship sound in the land that takes people to a very intimate place to the father setting people up for their breakthrough, their healing, their deliverance, and their mind-freeing experience, she is also invading the world of entertainment by creating powerful music for new and established artists, theatre or theatrical productions, tv, and film.

Whether in a ministerial setting or a secular setting Rachel is using her music to change and transform lives creating the compelling musical sounds that sets the platform for generations of men and women to become whole in their minds, hearts, and spirit.

Rachel Senior | Keep Me Through the Storm

“Through the Storm” Now Available on All Digital Outlets